Here I will find smart additives and technical support from the world's leading manufacturers to improve my production

I am looking for:

colorants for staining concrete / architectural concrete  / paving tile  / artificial stone  / masonry mixes? 



Here I will find:


iron oxide pigments BAYFERROX®, chrome oxide pigments  CHROME OXIDE GREEN® and COLORTHERM® GREEN, and titanium dioxide and cobalt oxide pigments


concrete admixtures? 




Here there are:


hydrophobizers PLASTOLITH, plasticizers ALPHALITH Hyperflow, Permacolor®, protective sealers  ALPHALITH StoneGloss, special cleaning / lubrication / care products  TECTOL and CRETEX, foam glass granules PORAVER®



additives for dry mortar mixes? 





Here I can choose:


cellulose fibers  ARBOCEL®, setting accelerators CALUMEX and calcium formate, hydrophobizers  RUCOMIN, foam glass  PORAVER®, cellulose ethers, polymer powder, defoamers, setting retarders, and more




CHIMARTIS Group of companies,

formerly part of the Welcoms+ Holding under the names Welcoms+Chemie and Welcoms+Company, with 20 years of successful experience in the distribution of chemical raw materials, will offer me those additives and technological solutions that will raise the quality of my products


I will be provided with both ready-made and customized solutions, and in some cases, products specifically tailored to my needs


My partners will be the largest European company groups and plants, known all over the world, such as: 

  • LANXESS Deutschland GmbH
  • Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH
  • Rhein-Chemotechnik GmbH
  • JRS
  • Rudolf GmbH



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